Wiesbaden Army Airfield

The Lucius D. Clay Barracks, better known under it´s former name Wiesbaden Army Airfield is an airfield full of history. It´s located near the town of Erbenheim close to the city of Wiesbaden as the name suggests.

Used by the US Air Force the airfield played an important role for the flight operations during the Berlin Airlift. It also housed C-97 Airlifter units and was home to a detachment of the famous U-2 aircraft during the cold war.

It´s one of the few remaining army airfields in Germany and home the the 1-214th Aviation Regiment if the US Army. It houses three different types of aircraft. First there is the obvious UH-60M Blackhawk helicopter. About 10 of these iconic machines call Wiesbaden it´s homebase. In addition to that there is the military version of the King Air the C-12U Huron and the UC-35A which is basically a Cessna Citaton 560 in military colors. Following is a collection of pictures to a short but fruitfull visit to the unit in march 2020.